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Carlo J.



Currently completing a BS in Computer Science and managing CWD. I’m a web developer and marketer based in Miami. I have been blessed with an inexplicable talent for marketing myself. Then began to do it businesses and positive people.


Charlotte’s Web Design


We are self-starters and laser-focused. Consider us your personal ICBM that will have an impact where you need it most. We are extremely attentive when the customer speaks. Using the knowledge we get from the customer to create the most explosive marketing plan for you. However, without the proper implementation, it will backfire. We guide you, the customer, through it.


The truth is more interesting than a lie. Your business has a story that is unique to you. Let’s tell YOUR STORY.

Not Your Average Agency

Most ad agency are run by the mid-level managers not the designers and scientist. CWD is owned and operated by designers, developers, and  data scientists. We run meritocracy where the only best ideas are expressed.

Tomorrow’s Plan,
Done Today

We look at the industry standard and exceed it. Exclusive to our clients. We live and breathe foreshadowing, and for more than two years that’s been the secret to our clients’ unprecedented success.

No Churn
No Burn

We do not burn clients’ money on useless campaigns or churn through projects. CWD is quick to loses, re-asses, reload, and re-engage the target – MARKET.

From Unfocused, To Focused

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kind words

“Carlo is amazing! “The entire experience from consultation to initialization and completely was smooth. All the staff members were very professional, and the end product was phenomenal.”
Francis Mathis
OMG! This is the best marketing firm in the world. I am sure I will be using them forever. My bakery has been blowing up!
helda Washington
“Thank you so much for being our web developer. We felt totally comfortable and listened to with you and the website are out of this world! We will recommend you to all of our friends!
Jeesie Ellie

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Charlotte’s Web Design is a boutique web development and social-media marketing agency based in Miami.

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